RCM Annual Conference



The RCM Annual Midwifery Conference 2019 does not have a single overarching focus or event ‘title’, but divides conference content so each attending delegate to tailor the programme to their exact needs.

We have three key themes running throughout the programme:

  • Leadership
  • Partnership
  • Safety

These themes cover key issues within contemporary maternity care and relate to – who we deliver the service for; the importance of good leadership of the profession and vision for what we can achieve; the need to care for staff, so they can in turn, provide high-quality care for women and babies; the fundamentals of what counts as a ‘safe’ service and the need to incorporate safety and effectiveness and hear women’s voices within evidence-based clinical practice; and working together- recognising the skills and contribution of others – teams and partners.

The way maternity care is provided is changing… and this is a time of opportunity but also of challenge for midwifery to ensure our professional contributions are included. We want to inform, debate and support enthusiasm for change and share thinking about questions such as what will the future of maternity care look like? Will continuity of carer be embraced and implemented? Can technology improve safety and provide quality experience for women and families? Do you have insight, knowledge, and experience within your unit or team that could add to the dialogue and learning?