RCM Annual Conference


The RCM annual conference featured a large exhibition in which suppliers showcased their latest products and services. 2019 sponsors and exhibitors are listed below in alphabetical order.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or exhibitor at 2020 RCM annual conference. Please contact a member of our team.

Emma's Diary

Emma’s Diary has been supporting pregnant women and new families for over 27 years with information through its Pregnancy and Labour & Birth guides, gift packs, website, pregnancy app, along with our large social community of like-minded mums guiding each other through the magical world of pregnancy.

All content is reviewed and approved by our Healthcare Team, ensuring we follow the latest NHS, NICE BFI guidelines.

Emma’s Diary is delighted to work with the RCM as an Alliance partner working together to provide understanding to improve the health and wellbeing of pregnant women and new families, as well as supporting with dissemination of their Blue Top Guidance.

Johnson's ®

JOHNSON’S®, an Alliance Partner with the RCM since 2004 is proud to work with the RCM, supporting midwives in their work to care for mothers and new-born babies. JOHNSON’S® is committed to advancing evidence-based best practices for infant skin care and over recent years has helped to advance 90% of all publications on baby’s skin care globally. JOHNSON’S® partnership with the RCM is highly valued and we are pleased to be able to sponsor the annual conference to continue to support the hard work and dedication of midwives.

Slimming World

Slimming World’s partnership with the RCM was established to support pregnant and breastfeeding mothers in managing their weight, recognising the importance of healthy lifestyles to the health of expectant mothers and their children. Support for women during pregnancy focuses on healthy lifestyle behaviours rather than weight loss.

We promote a healthy, balanced diet without calorie restriction and encourage regular activity, supporting women before, during pregnancy and postnatally.

Slimming World has been supporting people to adopt healthier lifestyles for over 45 years and holds more than 19,000 weekly groups across the UK and Ireland.

Vitabiotics Pregnacare

Vitabiotics Pregnacare® is the UK’s No.1 pregnancy supplement brand, providing special nutritional care for throughout pregnancy and breast-feeding. The range includes Pregnacare Conception, specially formulated for women who are trying for a baby, Pregnacare Original, Gummies, Liquid, Plus & Max for throughout pregnancy and Pregnacare Breast-feeding & New Mum for postnatal health.

Vitabiotics is the first and only vitamin company to twice receive the Queen’s Award for Innovation.

For more information, please contact:

W: www.pregnacare.com
E: [email protected]



Interested in becoming a sponsor for the 2019 RCM Conference? For information regarding sponsorship opportunities get in touch with [email protected] today.

Contact: David Bennett
Phone: 07789952371
Stand no: 6

All4Maternity.com is an online learning platform that aims to support, develop and nurture midwives and maternity workers. As well as eLearning modules and regular topical blog posts, subscription to the resource includes The Practising Midwife journal which is available as a paper issue and ‘flip-book’ format, so that subscribers can read the interactive pages on-the-go. The online flip book version allows us to add hyperlinks and videos to produce adverts so readers can click straight through. In 2019, we have a newly launched publication – “The Student Midwife” journal, members can access this as part of the overall subscription.

Association of Radical Midwives
Contact: Katherine Hales
Phone: 07810665733
Charity Stand: I

The Association of Radical Midwives (founded 1976) offers support and information for midwives,women and families who wish to provide and access the highest standards of maternity care. We work with other midwifery and lay organisations in campaigning to make the best care universally available.

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust
Contact: Brenda Kelly
Phone: 07885238570
Stand no: 33

Come and visit us at stand 33 for information on the HSC Trusts in Northern Ireland. Let us tell you about the opportunities available to develop skills, experience and career progression in an environment where you will find diversity of practice, challenge, growth, team work and support from your Midwifery colleagues.

Beyond Bea Charity
Charity Stand: E

Beyond Bea was established in January 2018 and offers free bereavement training days to any student midwives, midwives, or associated maternity and wider healthcare professionals. These study days educate, empower, and motivate delegates to feel confident in providing the best care possible to parents and families during this most devastating of experiences.

Delivering a combination of technical knowledge, practical workshops,and insights from parental perspectives, Beyond Bea study days offer the finest quality training available in this hugely challenging aspect of care.

The Beyond Bea team is made up of midwives, specialist bereavement midwives, bereaved mothers and fathers as well as often including high quality guest speakers to add even more value to the training experience.

British Journal of Midwifery
Contact: Colin Williams
Phone: 02038749237
Stand no: 31

British Journal of Midwifery (BJM) is a monthly journal for midwives, containing an unrivalled amount of clinical, professional and educational content on areas related to maternity services and women’s health. The journal publishes the most relevant and up-to-date original research, evidence-based papers and clinical reviews, which aim to establish best practice in midwifery.

Contact: Hannah Tizard
Phone: 07515340968
Stand no: 21

Global action to educate professionals and parents about the many benefits of optimal cord clamping at birth. Enabling the gentle physiological transition of a baby with optimal cord clamping at birth improves babies short- and long-term outcomes. We provide free resources and learning modules to help raise awareness around many aspects of cord clamping, such as taking cord gases, administration of oxytocin, resuscitation and more. In addition, BloodtoBaby can be booked to attend events and host workshops relating to all aspects of optimal cord clamping. Come and visit stand 21 to find out more.

Bounty UK Ltd
Contact: Angela Cochrane
Phone: 01707 299229
Stand no: 13

Founded in 1959, Bounty has been providing mums with information, free samples and newborn photography services for generations.
Today, its number 1, top rated Bounty Pregnancy & Baby app is download by 30,000 women every month and more than 180 hospitals have partnered with Bounty to include all their own patient information in the app. This means that women can access each hospital’s own information leaflets wherever they are and whenever they need it, immediately from their phone.
Bounty Portrait services are offered in over 150 hospitals nationwide, creating precious memories in a free photo shoot of up to 10 varied images – with a choice of 3 free gifts and an announcement service to share photos with loved ones.
Healthcare professionals can be assured that all content and advertisers undergo strict auditing to ensure that the information we provide supports best practice guidelines and breastfeeding.
Visit the stand to find out more about Bounty Portrait services and getting your hospital involved in the app. Plus collect a free Bounty pack.

Cardiac Services
Contact: Daniel Booth
Phone: 07789 817 060
Stand no: 49

Cardiac Services are celebrating their 50 year anniversary this year and we’re very excited to be launching the brand new next generation of wireless monitoring solutions from Philips. Designed with high BMI patients in mind, the Avalon Fetal and Maternal Pod & Patch is the latest beltless monitoring solution that works with your existing Philips FM20 and FM30 fetal monitors and will keep mum’s up and mobile during labour while eliminating constant belt repositioning.
Visit stand 49 and discover how the new wireless monitoring solution can provide a more rewarding experience for mother, baby and you. E-mail [email protected] for more info.

Caring Matters Now
Contact: Lucy Hardwidge
Phone: 07786458883
Charity Stand: F

Caring Matters Now is the only UK charity providing dedicated support to those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi (CMN) – a genetic condition, present at birth, consisting of a dark brown hairy birthmark covering up to 80% of the body. The condition can also be on the brain and spinal cord, which in the worst cases can be fatal.

We have three main aims:

> To support those affected by CMN

> To fund pioneering research to find a cure for CMN

> To raise national and international awareness of CMN

Central Medical Supplies Ltd
Contact: Fiona-Jane Kenworthy
Phone: 01538 399541
Stand no: 67

Central Medical Supplies Ltd (CMS), a specialist supplier of maternity product to the NHS and nursery retail brands, has developed the Dreamgenii Medical Pregnancy Support & Feeding Pillow, based on the success of the retail pillow. It encourages left lateral positioning and is manufactured to meet multi-person infection control use regulations.

CMS are also the UK distributor for Dr Brown’s, offering a range of medical feeding products, designed to help alleviate the symptoms of colic, feed premature babies, plus Dr Brown’s Speciality Feeding System®, which includes the Infant-Paced Feeding Valve to feed babies with a cleft lip or palate.

Cook Medical
Contact : Laura O'Donnell
Phone : +447966389077
Stand no: 6b

Cook Medical has been collaborating with physicians and researchers for over 50 years to create minimally invasive medical devices.
Since 1980, Cook’s Reproductive Health division has manufactured products for diagnostic imaging, assisted reproduction, maternal-fetal medicine, obstetrics, and gynaecology.
Cook Reproductive Health is committed to advancing education, research, and collaboration with physicians in order to enhance patient care for women and men throughout their reproductive lives.
For more information, visit www.cookmedical.com/rh.

Contact: Sophie Dopierala
Phone: 07826060480
Stand no: 32

CoppaFeel! exists to educate and remind every young person in the UK that checking their boobs isn’t only fun, it could save their life. We are the first breast cancer charity in the UK to solely create awareness amongst young people, with the aim of instilling the knowledge and tools they need to get to know their bodies. We like to talk about a serious message in a light-hearted way, empowering people to start healthy boob and pec checking habits for life.

Ddrops Company
Contact: Susan Jankus
Phone: 0800-756-3435
Stand no: 61

Ddrops Company provides purified supplements to support healthy growth. Ddrops products are easy to use and uniquely deliver pure vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, in just one drop. Ddrops are available for the whole family, with Baby Ddrops 10ug, Ddrops One 10ug and Ddrops 25ug. Thinkmist DHA and Thinkmist Prenatal supports healthy brain and eye development and provide, with the dose in a convenient, easy to use spray. All products are manufactured in GMP tested facilities. Come to stand 61 to check these out. Visit us online at http://uk.vitaminddrops.com.

DDD Ltd (Dentinox & Snufflebabe)
Contact: Andrew Wormald (Brand Manager)
Phone: 01923 254062
Stand no: 69

Dentinox – For over 50 years Dentinox has been making simple and effective medicines, medical devices and toiletries. Dentinox helps bring gentle relief to babies suffering from minor ailments including teething, colic and cradle cap.

Snufflebabe is the UK’s no.1 baby nasal decongestant range* with five effective solutions to help little ones breathe, feed and sleep in comfort.
*Source MAT Date to 26/04/2019

Contact: Cliff Juby
Phone: 01604 648600
Stand no: 41

EDAN have been manufacturing World leading Fetal Monitors for over 30 years. Their range extends from a Hand Held Doppler unit, through to a fully functioning Fetal/Maternal Monitor. They recently released the Worlds first twins via Ultrasound wireless system, which included an FSE capability via the wireless TOCO transducer providing mobility for mum during her labour. EDAN offer Fetal monitoring products to fit all budgets. EDAN also manufacture point of care Ultrasound machines, ideally suited in both size and cost to the maternity environment. EDAN UK have installed EDAN’s F9 Express Fetal/Maternal Monitor throughout the UK.

Emma's Diary
Contact: Ann-Marie Shrimpton
Phone: 01628 535482
Stand no: 70

Emma’s Diary has been supporting pregnant women and new families for over 27 years with information through its Pregnancy and Labour & Birth guides, gift packs, website, pregnancy app, along with our large social community of like-minded mums guiding each other through the magical world of pregnancy.

All content is reviewed and approved by our Healthcare Team, ensuring we follow the latest NHS, NICE BFI guidelines.

Emma’s Diary is delighted to work with the RCM as an Alliance partner working together to provide understanding to improve the health and wellbeing of pregnant women and new families, as well as supporting with dissemination of their Blue Top Guidance.

Fetal Monitoring (eFM)
Contact: Scott Mountifield
Phone: 07974404255
Website: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/efm
Stand no: 4

Fetal Monitoring (eFM) is a comprehensive web-based resource developed by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives in partnership with Health Education England e-Learning for Healthcare. Fetal Monitoring (eFM) will teach and assess learners in all aspects of intrapartum fetal monitoring and is directed at both obstetricians and midwives in training as well as those who have completed their training.

Femcare Ltd
Contact: Jane Bell
Phone: 01794 525100
Stand no: 14

Femcare Ltd/Utah Medical’s specialised perinatology products comprise of labour and delivery management tools for monitoring fetal and maternal well-being, for reducing risk in performing difficult delivery procedures and for improving clinician and patient safety. BT-CATH – balloon tamponade catheter for postpartum haemorrhage; AROM-COT – provides effective amniotomy with less patient anxiety; INTRAN PLUS – an IUPC for contraction intensity data you can trust. Visit the Femcare stand and view our comprehensive product portfolio – WHERE SAFETY & PATIENT CARE MATTER MOST.

Gaumard Scientific
Contact: Ana Moreno
Phone: 3059713790
Stand no: 22

Gaumard is committed to providing innovative simulation solutions for health care education. Our products today are built on a foundation of knowledge and experience in maternal, neonatal, emergency, nursing, respiratory, life support, trauma and surgical simulation that spans over 65 years. We offer unrivaled Tetherless “Care in Motion” simulation technology that allows care givers the opportunity to treat simulators like real people in any teaching environment. We are the pioneers and the industry leaders. Educators worldwide rely on Gaumard and our diverse line of simulators to train today’s medical students and health care professionals. Our philosophy remains “Leadership through Innovation.”

Contact: Bela Vatsa
Phone: 07500 765 622
Website: www.gsk.com
Stand no: 73

GSK is a science-led global healthcare company. Our Vaccines business has a broad portfolio of more than 40 vaccines helping to protect people against 22 diseases. We deliver over two million vaccine doses per day to people living in over 160 countries, on average, each batch of vaccine will have undergone more than 100 quality checks before it is sent out, to ensure the vaccines meet world-class standards.

Date of preparation: August 2019
Reference: NP-GB-GVX-MAPP-190001

Headlines Craniofacial Support
Contact: Karen Wilkinson-Bell
Phone: 0330120 0410
Charity Stand: H

We are the leading UK charity supporting people with craniosynostosis and other rare craniofacial conditions. Craniosynostosis is a rare craniofacial condition where two or more plates of the skull prematurely fuse to each other. The condition is often misdiagnosed as plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome.

350 children are born with craniosynostosis in the UK every year – one every day! Craniosynostosis can also occur as part of a genetic syndrome such as Apert and Crouzon syndromes.

Craniofacial surgery is usually needed to improve head shape and reduce the possibility of raised intracranial pressure. Some children may grow up with facial differences.

Health Education England
Contact: HEE Maternity Programme
Website: www.hee.nhs.uk
Stand no: 72

Health Education England (HEE) exists for one reason only: to support the delivery of excellent healthcare and health improvement to the patients and public of England by ensuring that the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right numbers, skills, values and behaviours, at the right time and in the right place.

HEE Genomics Education Programme
Contact: Charlotte Murray
Phone: 0121 695 2410
Stand no: 37

Health Education England’s Genomics Education Programme (GEP) was founded to deliver the learning and development necessary to enable current and future NHS professionals to harness the power of genomic medicine for patient benefit.

The GEP has developed a range of educational resources for health professionals from films, online courses, to more formal academic and training programmes including the Master’s in Genomic Medicine, Post graduate qualifications and CPD modules.

Contact: James Rhodes
Phone: 01530 411000
Stand no: 1

Hillrom is a global medical technology leader whose 10,000 employees have a single purpose: enhancing outcomes for patients and their caregivers by advancing connected care. Around the world, our innovations touch over 7 million patients each day. They help enable earlier diagnosis and treatment, optimize surgical efficiency and accelerate patient recovery while simplifying clinical communication and shifting care closer to home. We make these outcomes possible through connected smart beds, patient lifts, patient assessment and monitoring technologies, caregiver collaboration tools, respiratory care devices, advanced operating room equipment and more, delivering actionable, real-time insights at the point of care. Learn more at hillrom.com.

HiPP Organic
Contact: Sarah Wilson
Stand: 24

At HiPP Organic, we’ve been following our beliefs and our natural instincts for four generations. Never swayed by food fads, fashion or the easy path. Instead we’ve been passionately working with nature for over 60 years. Driven by an intuitive feeling that green is good. That organic is better. That babies deserve to feel HiPP inside and out. That’s why we go above and beyond EU standards, setting our own tougher criteria and raising the bar. For all our products.

Contact: Amy Fox
Phone: 07522217010
Stand no: 5

The formation of HSIB is a world-first and represents a landmark moment for the NHS in England.  HSIB’s purpose is to help improve safety in the healthcare system by developing recommendations and sharing lessons from investigations.  HSIB will improve patient safety through effective and independent investigations that do not apportion blame or liability.

HSIB became operational on 1st April 2017 and more details can be found www.hsib.org.uk

Johnson & Johnson
Contact: Johnsons Baby
Phone: 0808 238 1614
Stand no: 60

JOHNSON’S®, an Alliance Partner with the RCM since 2004 is proud to work with the RCM, supporting midwives in their work to care for mothers and new-born babies. JOHNSON’S® is committed to advancing evidence-based best practices for infant skin care and over recent years has helped to advance 90% of all publications on baby’s skin care globally. JOHNSON’S® partnership with the RCM is highly valued and we are pleased to be able to sponsor the annual conference to continue to support the hard work and dedication of midwives.

K2 Medical Systems
Contact: Ian Crozier
Phone: 07768 194984
Website: www.k2ms.com
Stand no: 7

K2 Medical Systems is a multi-award winning innovation and technology company. Since 1989 we have maintained deep working partnerships with clinicians to develop a suite of products to support, advance and achieve the highest possible standards in maternity healthcare worldwide.

K2 is now introducing INFANT-Guardian®. Guaranteed to help you achieve your CNST 10% discount and proven to show the lowest ever reported rates of stillbirth and brain damage. A Comprehensive Risk Reduction Technology for your Trust bringing seamless electronic data capture, flawless interpretation of the fetal monitoring, increased communication and senior staff oversight, and national care bundles to the very point of care.

Contact: Katharine Graves
Phone: 01264 535002
Stand no: 8

KGHypnobirthing is the definitive UK hypnobirthing teacher training programme. It has delivered its comprehensive course to hundreds of medical professionals; an in-depth antenatal programme. It offers incredible value in-house hospital trainings which allow the hospital and individuals to teach KGHypnobirthing and give better support to all women in their care. As the leading hypnobirthing organisation in the UK it offers regular teacher training courses throughout the country. KGHypnobirthing enables women to have a calm and more comfortable, often pain free, birth. It also offers the bestseller, ‘The Hypnobirthing Book’, by company founder Katharine Graves.

Contact: Amarah Mitchell
Phone: 020 7631 8883
Stand no: 66

LabourPains.com is the public information website of the Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association (OAA) and is there to help women, midwives and doctors find information about a variety of subjects including managing pain in labour, anaesthesia for Caesarean section, headaches after childbirth and what to expect as a birth partner in theatre. The resources are written by doctors, midwives and women and are designed to be accessible for everyone. The information is available to download freely and there are 20 languages too. It is a great site which is easy to use and navigate, mobile friendly and the resources are updated regularly.

MAMA Academy
Contact: Heidi Eldridge
Phone: 07427 851670
Charity Stand: A

MAMA Academy is helping to prevent stillbirth in the UK by empowering maternity professionals and informing expectant parents about stillbirth prevention methods to help more babies arrive safely.

Medela Uk Ltd
Contact: Natalie Morrison and Sioned Hilton
Phone: 0161 776 0400
Stand no: 34

Medela’s breastfeeding products for professionals are based on more than 20 years of evidence-based research into the life-giving benefits of human milk. To understand mothers’ needs and babies’ behaviour, Medela works collaboratively with universities, hospitals and research institutions around the world. Their insights and discoveries help Medela to develop advanced technologies for breastfeeding solutions.

Contact: Elizabeth Day
Phone: 07587 138162
Twitter: @mothercareuk
Stand no: 52

Mothercare is a global retailer that has been caring for expectant and new parents for over 50 years. We provide parents-to-be with everything they need in one place, offering the best quality and most innovative products. Mothercare has 80 stores across the UK and offers a wide range of pregnancy and baby products online at www.mothercare.com

Mummy's Star
Contact: Pete Wallroth
Phone: 07939154217
Charity Stand: B

Mummy’s Star – Only charity on the UK and Ireland established specifically to support women and their families if mum is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months of having a baby

My Expert Midwife
Contact: Sean Parker
Phone: 0800 030 6629.
Stand no: 43

From irritated and stretched skin, to dry and cracked nipples, to perineal bruising and swelling, the My Expert Midwife no-nonsense pregnancy skin care collection provides a highly-effective solution for women experiencing the physical side-effects of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.

The range is specially formulated and tested to soothe, calm and aid recovery, providing women with the safest ingredients necessary to restore body confidence. Plus, each product comes complete with its own individually designed dispenser system to ensure no-fuss, no spill and easy application.

NHS England and NHS Improvement
Contact: Richard Holmes
Phone: 07730 375612
Stand no: 2

The NHS Maternity Transformation Programme seeks to achieve the vision set out in Better Births and the NHS Long Term Plan by bringing together a wide range of organisations to deliver personal and safe care to women and their families. We have an ambition that most women will receive care from a midwife before, during and after they have their baby by 2021. Come and talk to us on stand 2 about all things maternity.

Phone: 0300 323 0140
Stand no: 51

The National institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) was set up in 1999 to reduce variation in the availability and quality of NHS treatments and care in England. Today it is responsible for developing national guidance, standards and information on providing high-quality health and social care, and preventing ill health. NICE guidance helps health, public health and social care professionals deliver the best possible care based on the best available evidence.

NHS Wales
Contact: NHS Wales
Phone: 01443848576
Stand no: 55

Discover Wales – the perfect place to train, work and live. We’re a country that truly values the contribution midwives make to people’s health and the Welsh NHS. Achieve great work life balance and explore fantastic shopping, vibrant city life, stunning scenery – an adventure around every corner.

Contact: Mal Palin
Phone: 0113 532 8444
Stand no: 23

The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) is the nation’s largest funder of research for the NHS, public health and social care, improving health and strengthening the UK economy.

The NIHR Academy is responsible for development and coordination of NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) academic training, career development and research capacity development.

The NIHR Academy plays a pivotal role in attracting, training and supporting the best health and care researchers to tackle the complex challenges of the future and complements the additional NIHR investment in world-class research facilities and a skilled research workforce.

The purpose of the NIHR Academy is to develop a highly-skilled academic research workforce capable of advancing the best research which improves health, and benefits society and the economy.


Contact: Isabella Cosulich
Phone: +442032490835
Website: www.nuk.co.uk
Stand no: 44

For over 60 years we’ve been listening to midwives, doctors, nutritionists and parents to learn about the needs of parent and child in those precious early years, which enables us to deliver products that really do make life easier. Today’s vast range of baby care products includes breastfeeding aids, bottles and teats, soothers and cups. NUK has also been a constant presence in hospitals since the 1970s providing assistance to doctors and midwives and developing products for the needs of every newborn, from creating smaller soothers for premature babies to producing sterilized disposable teats.

Nursing and Midwifery Council
Phone: 020 7637 7181
Charity Stand: 68

We’re the independent regulator for nurses, midwives and nursing associates. We hold a register of all the 690,000 nurses, midwives and nursing associates who can practise in the UK. Better and safer care for people is at the heart of what we do, supporting the healthcare professionals on our register to deliver the highest standards of care.

Contact: Melany Whitworth
Phone: 07974264512
Stand no: 48

For more than 50 years, parents have trusted Pampers to care for their babies. Pampers is a part of The Procter & Gamble Company and is the #1-selling nappy worldwide. Pampers offers a complete range of nappies, wipes and pants designed to provide protection and comfort for every stage of baby’s happy, healthy development.

Perinatal Institute
Contact: Kelly Fowler
Phone: 0121 607 0101
Charity Stand: D

The Perinatal Institute is a national not-for-profit organisation set up to enhance the safety and quality of maternity care. It is a qualified provider of maternity support services, including education and training in standardised maternity records, fetal growth assessment and perinatal audit

Probio 7
Contact: Berta Corbera
Phone: 07568977269
Stand no: 62

Probio7 and its probiotic strains have been supporting digestive health in the UK since 1995 and we are dedicated to developing a unique range of the highest quality probiotics. Our infant drops probiotic formula is called Probio7 Bifikalm and is clinically proven to be safe and naturally present in the human intestine. Probio7 Bifikalm is especially formulated for infants and children from 2 months and onwards and it helps promote and maintain a healthy balance in the baby’s gut flora. The product is available in Boots, online and in independent pharmacies nationwide.

Public Health England
Contact: Nigel Attah
Phone: 0203 682 0868
Stand no: 18

Public Health England (PHE) advises the government and the NHS so England has safe, high quality screening programmes that reflect the best available evidence and the UK National Screening Committee recommendations. PHE also develops standards and provides specific services that help the local NHS implement and run screening services consistently across the country.

Immunisation is the single most effective way to protect children, teenagers and adults against infectious diseases. Public Health England publishes an extensive range of materials on immunisation, for individuals, parents and health professionals. We are proud to announce that we have introduced the hepatitis B pathway for babies at risk of hepatitis B and are here to promote maternal and infant vaccination including the need for everyone to be up to date with their routine vaccinations. We also have new rash in pregnancy guidance so pop over and see us today.

QED Scientific
Contact: Kevin Murray
Phone: 07719328036
Stand no: 50

QED Scientific supply medical devices into Maternity and Neonatal with a product range including Incubators, Phototherapy, Radiant Warmer/ Resus Units and Ventilators.

We are thrilled to be at RCM Conference 2019 as we have exciting new products aimed specifically at NICU rolling out in 2019. Stop by our stall for a sneak peek and to find out more!

Our 20 years’ experience in the medical industry, means we have the knowledge, network and understanding to help you save time and money on your future procurement of medical devices we give you peace of mind with ongoing support and maintenance services

Roche Diagnostics Limited
Contact: Daniele Gaudiosi
Phone: +447753426749
Stand no: 3

Women’s health needs change at every age and stage of her life. Addressing her unique concerns from pregnancy, menopause, and certain cancers like breast and cervical, and osteoporosis — help to ensure a healthier life.
Roche Diagnostics Women’s Health Portfolio encompasses tests that measure the ovarian reserve and groups of tests that fulfill national screening requirements for first trimester fetal anomalies, infectious diseases, bone health and anaemia. The portfolio includes the Harmony non-invasive prenatal test and the sFlt/PlGF ratio test for the diagnosis and short term prediction of pre-eclampsia. The sFlt/PlGF ratio test is recommended by NICE to help diagnose suspected preeclampsia.

Slimming World
Contact: Jennifer Kent
Phone: 01773 304248
Stand no: 59

Slimming World is the most advanced weight management organisation in the UK. Established in 1969 we hold 19,000 weekly groups across the UK run by a network of 5500 trained consultants working in their local communities. Each week we influence over 900,000 group members to eat more healthily and adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. As an RCM Alliance partner we are working closely with the RCM to help to support pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers in managing their weight. We provide healthy lifestyle support to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers with the aim of preventing excess weight gain.

Solihull Approach
Contact: Mary Rheeston
Phone: 01212964448
Charity Stand: C

Solihull Approach is an UK developed, evidence based programme within the NHS used in the antenatal period and birth-18 years across the UK and is featured in the DoH Healthy Child Programme. It can be used in one-to-one and group work (Antenatal Parenting and Postnatal groups) and is supported by training and resource packs. Online course include antenatal parenting, postnatal, and parenting 0-18 years courses. For midwives, it helps communication, skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, safeguarding and supports the relationship with the family (increasing parent satisfaction and reducing complaints) and supports the development of the family’s relationship with their baby. Websites:www.solihullapproachparenting.com and www.inourplace.co.uk

Solvotrin Therapeutics
Contact: Roseanna Gorman
Phone: 0876087186
Stand no: 64

Iron is the only nutritional deficiency common in both developed and developing countries. It is prevalent in women of childbearing age, children and older people. The current world market is dominated by a range of poorly absorbed and poorly tolerated products. Active Iron was developed in a response to global need to produce an iron product that is both tolerable and easy to absorb.
Solvotrin Therapeutics is an Irish healthcare company focused on developing innovative science for significant unmet clinical needs. Active Iron was launched to the market in 2016 and is available in leading pharmacies throughout New Zealand, US, UK, Germany and Ireland and online

Contact: Jane Gorringe
Phone: 01252 332344
Website: www.tamba.org.uk
Charity Stand: G

Tamba is the only UK-wide charity working to improve the lives of twins, triplets or more, and their families. We do this through successful campaigning to improve health and developmental outcomes; funding clinical research to reduce the risks faced before, during and after birth; and by providing practical support for all families, including those in crisis. We also run courses and webinars to support families both during pregnancy and in the early years.
We also support health professionals with a wide range of CPD resources covering antenatal care, intrapartum care, best practice and videos of multiple pregnancy study days.

The Real Birth Company
Contact: Zoe Wright
Phone: 01432381376
Stand no: 38

The Real Birth Company is a Herefordshire based antenatal training and education company, founded by a midwife with a passion for autonomy, promoting choice, respect and dignity in childbirth.

Our courses are created from national and global evidence-based information and bring both this key information and holistic care together. Using a unique teaching technique, we assist in supporting midwives and other birth professionals, impart complex and essential education, in an easy and understandable way.

Timesco Healthcare Ltd
Contact: Ken Massey
Phone: 01268 297710
Stand no: 65

As a family owned business, Timesco have been at the forefront of medical product design & innovation since 1964. We are recognised as one of the most progressive & innovative companies
within the industry. We manufacture & supply an unrivalled portfolio of medical products to medical professionals in Anaesthesia, Surgery, Podiatry & General Medical.

We offer a wide range of products for midwives, nurses and general health practitioners including:
• Nursing & Midwifery Sets • Doppler’s • Scales • Stethoscopes • Sphygmomanometers • Thermometers • Pulse Oximeters • Diagnostic Products • Tourniquets • Resuscitation Aids • Emergency Care • Equipment Bags • Airway & Respiratory Products

University of Edinburgh
Contact: Patrycja Mitrut
Phone: 01316516248
Twitter: https://twitter.com/edinsurg_online
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The University of Edinburgh offers a three-year part-time online MSc programme in Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors that aims to support any graduate health care professionals (ranging from nurses to surgeons and anaesthetists) in using evidence-based tools and techniques to improve the reliability and safety of everyday health care systems and processes.

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Vitabiotics Pregnacare® is the UK’s No.1 pregnancy supplement brand, providing nutritional care for throughout pregnancy and breast-feeding. The range includes Pregnacare Conception, specially formulated for women who are trying for a baby, Pregnacare Original, Liquid, Gummies Plus & Max for throughout pregnancy and Pregnacare Breast-feeding & New Mum for postnatal health.

In 2013 Vitabiotics, became the first British business to receive a coveted Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation for its vitamin research. This has been awarded for the development of its Pregnacare range and in recognition of the ground breaking, highly successful Pregnacare clinical research.

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A baby’s skin is much more delicate than your own, so it should be cleaned with only the gentlest and purest elements possible. WaterWipes are the only wipes made with just water, specially purified and softened using a special technique, and a tiny drop of fruit extract – a natural skin conditioner.

WaterWipes have been carefully designed to be gentle on babies’ sensitive skin. Because of this, 97% of midwives believe that WaterWipes are suitable to be used on the skin of new-born babies. *

WaterWipes are the only baby wipe approved by Allergy UK and awarded the National Eczema Association of America’s Seal of Acceptance and 3 other National Associations.
*Source: Spark research study on 102 Midwives, October – November 2014.

Yakult UK Limited
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Science has always been at the heart of the Yakult company, since the microbiologist Dr Shirota selected and cultivated Lactobacillus casei Shirota and produced the first bottle of Yakult in Japan in 1935. Continuing this passion for science, today Yakult supports independent research in hospitals, universities and institutes worldwide, including the UK and Ireland. Yakult remains at the forefront of scientific research and education, and is committed to supporting healthcare professionals in enhancing the understanding of the gut microbiota and health.

For more information, visit www.yakult.co.uk/hcp or contact the Science Team at [email protected]