RCM Annual Conference

Certificate of attendance

How to record your attendance at Conference and receive your certificate

We encourage all RCM members to use RCM i-learn and i-folio to record attendance at conference and to receive certificates.

RCM i-folio is the online professional portfolio resource for RCM members. Here you can log all your continuing professional development activities and professional achievements in one place to share with your manager, supervisor of midwives, mentor or preceptor. It includes an area for your CV, reflective journal and files for your certificates for courses completed through RCM i-learn, your online learning environment.

How to log into RCM i-learn and download your certificate:

1. Go to www.rcm.org.uk and click the Access to i-learn button
2. Enter your membership number and password and click Log in.
3. When you can see the i-learn front page, click Log in at the top right (you will not need to enter any details, it will automatically log you in). I-learn will confirm that you are logged in by displaying your name at the top right.
4. From the front page categories, click on Face-to-Face Events. The event you attended should be listed here.
5. Click on the event name and you will then be prompted to enter the enrolment code

Enrolment Code ACM2018

6. Follow the instructions on the page to download your certificate or send it to i-folio.

An electronic certificate of your attendance at conference is available to download through RCM i-learn until 3 October 2019. You can use your certificate alongside reflection towards your 20 hours of participatory learning for professional revalidation with the NMC.
Student midwives may wish to add their certificate to their portfolios to demonstrate additional learning to their tutor or for the university records.
If you have any problems creating or accessing your i-learn/i-folio account or downloading your certificate please contact events@rcm.org.uk.

If you are not an RCM member, please contact bookings@rcmconference.org.uk